PAZ Textiles was founded in 1993 in Istanbul
under the leadership of Hayrettin Belli.

PAZ exports high quality men’s and women’s shirts to many regions of the world, mainly North America, Europe and South Africa.

The secret of our success: To give unconditional importance to customer satisfaction and deliver the highest quality for the best price.

PAZ, giving priority to unconditional customer satisfaction and manages to expand its international customer portfolio regularly.

PAZ is recognized and trusted internationally as a prestigious Turkish firm, from it’s dedication to perfection. 

PAZ believes “Quality doesn’t have to come with a high price”, and understands that price is an important factor to the open market. From this competition, PAZ acts to deliver the best product for the lowest cost.

The secret of our success: following the trends of the fabric and fashion world, , while offering innovative options.

PAZ, who closely follows the trends and technological innovations of the fashion and fabric industry, gives extra attention to research and development studies; A company that aims to enrich its collections every season and to continuously diversify its options. We strive to not only compete with the market, but also with ourselves. 

For example, PAZ, which has earned a well-deserved reputation for its shirts made of woven fabrics, has been successful in knitted fabrics and has gained the trust of our customers.

Our distinguished international customers know that almost every innovation in the world of fabrics and clothing has been implemented by PAZ.

The secret to our success: We love our jobs

Innovative, high quality and economical solutions, meticulous care in manufacturing and service, the importance we attach to our unconditional customer satisfaction, experienced leadership, harmonious team work.

There are among the reasons behind the success of PAZ. But most importantly, we love doing our job.

Our customers, who have witnessed our care excitement and meticulousness, once working with the PAZ team, have become our permanent customers and friends. We see our results on the smiling faces of our customers

Contact us, let us host you in our office, share Turkish coffee and let us lay the foundations of a long and lasting partnership.